About Us

Steve Prescott, Owner

Woodworking is much more than a job for me. It’s how I make a living, but it’s also my passion and vocation in life. In a previous career I studied and worked as a software engineer for a number of years, but technology never gave me the satisfaction that woodworking does. Nothing is as fulfilling for me as installing a cabinet that was built with care and attention to detail, and which meets the client’s functional needs and aesthetic desires perfectly.

I am intense about my work and each project has my complete attention and focus from start to finish. I work my heart and soul into every piece, and I think it shows.

When I’m not in the shop, I live in rural Brunswick, Maine, in the Two Echo cohousing community. I’m married and we have two young boys. In my spare time, I enjoy getting out in the woods for hiking and cross-country skiing, kayaking on Maine’s rocky coast, and playing traditional Old Time, Irish, and New England contradance music on fiddle and octave mandolin.

Brian Repetto, Cabinetmaker

Like Steve, I also came to cabinetmaking as a second (or maybe third?) career. After working in museums for many years and nearly completing a doctorate in art history, I succumbed to the calling and decided to devote myself fully to the craft of working wood. I was first exposed to woodworking at an early age in my grandfather’s shop and ever since I’ve been drawn to the unique satisfaction that comes from taking a project from an abstract idea to a design on paper to a functional and aesthetically pleasing three-dimensional reality. Now, I have the opportunity to carry out that process each and every day — carefully crafting custom cabinetry and original free-standing pieces for our clients.

In addition to my bench work at Fiddlehead Designs, I also study techniques for the physical restoration and chemical conservation of antique furniture and other wooden objects. Wood is becoming an increasingly precious commodity and I think it’s important to both preserve the work of previous craftsmen and be as responsible as possible in producing the next generation of valuable heirlooms.

Since 2009, my family and I have tended a few acres on the outskirts of Brunswick. On the rare occasion that I’m not in the shop, in the garden, or looking after the animals, I can usually be found on a bicycle, on a trail, or poking around the state looking for birds.

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